About Us

I know you think you’ve heard it all before – but I’d like a chance to tell you what makes Goldfinger Communications different. So here goes:

Goldfinger Communications is leading Israel’s new generation of Public Relations and Strategic Marketing agencies, delivering an entire spectrum of communication services to clients from Israel’s top companies and organizations, in both the public and private sector.
We believe in delivering Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) solutions that ensure the messaging, brand and ethos of each client remains consistent and is reflected across all marketing and communication channels, from traditional public relations to cutting-edge digital solutions.
We are passion driven marketers. While upholding the highest business standards, we will work tirelessly to progress our client’s cause and ensure they have a platform from which to be heard and a strong voice to tell their story.
We are responsible. Standing at the center of Israeli decision making circles, having the power to influence and shape agendas, is a weighty duty. We take our role as advocates seriously, ensuring language and content suits the Israeli current affairs climate at all times.

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Celebrating exellence
Exceeding Expectations
Staying unique
Leading by example


It’s not just a buzz word for us. Creativity requires an agile mind and an ear to the ground. While our imagination runs free, our feet stay planted firmly in the reality of current events, giving our clients the best viable ideas. The latest technological developments will be harnessed to make it a reality. It’s about going deep, and aiming high.

We recognize that new solutions are needed to fuel our client’s communication needs in a saturated market. That is the essence of innovation – finding a new way to get your message across.

We understand the media has an impact on your bottom line and it’s our mission to make sure it’s increasing your revenue. We’ll also measure our success and report back to you, so you know we’re delivering results.