PR & Communications

Public Relations is our business and we understand that it’s a core part of yours too. We’re here to help shape your image, reach your business goals, increase brand trust and ensure positive media coverage that ultimately deliver real returns for your business.


We live in a media saturated world serving us a constant stream of information and data, vying for our attention and engagement. Tapping into the advantages of this new age is no mean feat. The complexities of managing perceptions, gaining support, raising awareness, mobilizing action and creating a positive public image are becoming increasingly more difficult in an information free-for-all. But fear not. That’s where we come in. We are here to make sure your public image serves your needs.
Our team of passionate media relations specialists will use their expertise to contact the right Israeli media outlets in order to tell your story, increase your visibility and boost public recognition of your brand. Whether your ultimate goal is to sell a product, influence public opinion or crusade for an important social cause – we have the tools to ensure it succeeds.
We will provide a complete gamut of Communication services to ensure you are feeling lots of PR love, including:

PR and spokesmanship

Working with government bodies, public institutions and private companies, our team has the know-how on building public awareness and influence target audiences. We have a proven track-record of handling highly sensitive, behind the scenes issues, as well as managing major public crises.

Our team works closely with our clients to make sure every available resource is considered and optimized on the road to success. .
We take pride in our ability to pick up on what’s important, learn the ropes quickly, analyze the market and examine limitations, competitors, strengths, and opportunities. These strengths are what enable us to form an accurate, tailor-made strategy for our clients and formulate a relevant message, to be clearly voiced later on on all available media outlets.

Opinion, Market and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Research

This is no glorified Google search – we identify, profile and map the conversations folks are having about your brand and then  build an effective engagement strategy to ensure your messaging reaches the right crowd.

Influencer relations

Our context specific, targeted approach, reaches the stakeholders you need to drive the change you require. As part of our holistic view of Communications, we recognize that these influencers are found in various spaces including the media – traditional, social and digital, and in public offices. Our dedicated government and public affairs experts specialize in engaging policy makers to making sure your message reaches their ears.


You deserve to know what you’re getting and how well we’re preforming. We’ll keep you updated on a regular basis, and we’ll make sure to aggregate, collate, analyze and summarize in order to give you the whole picture. Each report comes with strategic recommendations, because we like to make sure we’re improving, and working just a little bit harder each time.